Internet Business Models And Strategies For The New Economy

Everywhere we look the old is dying and the “new” is being ushered in and in the business world it’s an exciting time to say the least, 21st century internet business models and strategies are popping up everywhere.

And unless you’re in the “know” you’re liable to get left behind or even worse wiped out and in this article we’re going to explore in-depth the 3 most popular and profitable internet business models and strategies online today.

1. Affiliate Marketing/Information Product Marketing:

According to best selling author of the infamous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki “knowledge is the new money” and the affiliate marketing/info product marketing model proves exactly that.

Selling information products online has came to become a billion dollar per year industry from simply selling e-books, membership sites, and various other forms of knowledge. This is one of the fast growing, easy to get into internet business models and strategies of the 21st century.

2. Consulting And Coaching:

Every single day we see more and more coaches, authors, and speakers coming online and creating their income via blogging, sales offers, and high-ticket coaching programs ($1-$3k per sale).

The evolution of the “personal brand” (getting paid for who you are) has taken the online world by storm and a ton of smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this ever growing trend.

This is a really good industry to get into if you already have an offline business in the coaching, writing, or speaking industry.

3. High-Ticket/Highly Leveraged Direct Sales Business Models

Now, this is an industry that came out of nowhere and is producing amazing results and literally creating millionaires within their first 12-24 months of coming online.

If you’re looking for internet business models and strategies that will work for many years to come becoming your own direct sales franchise owner is a very wise decision.

There are several companies out there in the personal development, financial education, and travel industries that are absolutely booming and paying large commissions to their reps ($5-$15k) right out the gate.

The beauty of these internet business models and strategies is that they all have cutting edge marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. (saving yourself time energy & money) that sell, prospect, and educate potential business partners for you. If you’re into the 4 Hour Work Week and understand the principles of leverage this is model is for you.

One Final Piece of Advice: Things are rapidly shifting in our world and we definitely are living in very uncertain, yet incredibly opportune times especially if you can learn how to position yourself directly in front of the over 79 million opportunity seekers coming online in the next 3-5 years (Forbes Magazine).

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