International Management and Strategy Consulting

Today, we’ll avoid the standard “10 key points about international management consulting” post, and instead directly address a few questions.

Here are some common questions about the International Recruiting Process:

#1 Is the International Recruiting Process as competitive as the United states interview process?

In fact, it is. Often it is more competitive. It really depends a great deal on exactly which office you are applying to.

Another thing to keep in mind is the broader macroeconomic conditions. In the Middle East, there has been tremendous growth in the area of consulting. For this reason, it has been a bit easier to get through the process and be hired there as long as you meet some qualifying criteria.

Second: What is a good way for US applicants to compete successfully to work in offices in Johannesburg or Berlin, for example?

Here are some points to remember:

-There are inflexible language requirements in some offices. For example, if you are interested in BCG in Seoul, you will be required to have high fluency in Korean. This is non-negotiable.

-Contacts are important. By making the right contacts here in the US, you can get your foot in the door abroad. It is important to network effectively every chance you get. It is helpful to make contacts with US consultants who have had experience in the country you are interested in. This will help you learn more about the international consulting environment. These contacts might introduce you to some good office contacts overseas.

3. Can I work in the United States and them move abroad?

Of course! This is an excellent strategy unless you have some specific reason why you want to start your career overseas. If you only have a casual interest in the overseas market, of course it is best for you to start working in the US and then make a gradual transition by accepting one or two overseas jobs.

Transferring inter-office is usually fairly easy. Transfer policies tend to be flexible. A lot of this will depend on the level of your work. Naturally, for the best consideration, you should produce the best work! Follow these tips:

-Always produce your best work. This cannot be stressed too strongly. The only way you will build your credibility is to always produce good work. If you want to be staffed on international studies, work well, and build local partner and office support that will drive your office transfer.

-Develop strong relationships with international consultants. Once you have a position in a firm, this is fairly easy to accomplish. Start out by befriending consultants at the lower levels and work your way up. This is easy to do by taking a genuine interest in their work as part of your research.

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